Questions to Ask When Preparing for a Presentation

This week in my Unleash Your Potential newsletter, I wrote an article titled, Preparing a More Powerful Presentation.  (This article by the way will be available to readers of the book as a Bonus Byte – one of over 50 additional resources available online to supplement and add value to the reader’s experience and use of the book).  As a response to the article a colleague of mine, Marc Shiman, sent a note suggesting these questions to use in preparation for any presentation.  I loved them and thought they meshed well with what I had written, so here they are for your use:

  • Ask yourself the question “What is their (your audience) pain?” This is obviously the problem you are trying to help them solve.
  • Now look at your first few slides. Do they address your audience’s pain or are they about you?
  • We also talk about OUR goals when we make a presentation. What about our audience’s goals?

All three of these questions help us get to the heart of communication which we often forget in preparing for a presentation – that our purpose is first and foremost about our audience and helping them.

 If you want to communicate more powerfully in any situation, focus on the audience and their needs first.

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