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Everyday is Saturday . . .

July 18, 2007

 . . . is the name of Sam Crowley’s podcast and he interviewed me yesterday.  He is a great guy and we had a wonderful conversation.  Because his audience is largely entreprenuers you will find some different questions (and therefore answers) than you might find on many of the other interviews I will do for the book.  Check out this 30 minute interview here.

Remarkable Podcast

July 18, 2007

I recently got to know Heather Vale a remarkably experienced and talented interviewer.  She hosts a podcast called Success Unwrapped Radio, and recently she helped me unwrap some of the keys to Remarkable Leadership. 

 You can listen to the first third of the interview here, and the rest is available on her members only site, which I also highly recommend.

There are many other interviews, both written, audio and video coming soon.  I’ll try to keep up with all of them here.

Micro Habits

July 11, 2007

I wrote a post last week signifying my 500th post on my main blog.  In that post I mentioned the concept that I call a micro habit.  Since then I’ve been thinking of the concept of the micro habit from a leadership perspective.  First, if you don’t go to read the full post (but why wouldn’t you?), a micro habit is something that may be a bit of a habit in the big picture, but we are extremely variable in our application in the short term.  Here are some examples:

  • You read 30 minutes a day for a week, then read nothing for three weeks.    For that first week, you had a reading micro habit.
  • You clean out your email inbox each Friday for a few weeks, but soon you have well over 100 items in your inbox.  For those fleeting Fridays, you had the micro habit.
  • I could mention diets, but I won’t.

As a leader developing others we need to recognize both the power and the peril of the micro habit.   The peril is that people get discouraged and never feel they can develop the habit.  The power is that the micro habit actually proves the opposite – we can do it!

 As a leader we can help others see both the peril and the power and we can use the power to move a behavior from a micro habit to a full fledged routine habit.  The ideas in my original post will help – and as a leader we can help people be successful by encouraging them with the power and supporting them past the perils of the micro habit.

A Review of Remarkable Leadership

July 11, 2007

Jonathan Farrington has reviewed a galley copy of the book and said some very nice things.  Along with agreeing with Jack Canfield in the foreword (and including it in its entirety) he also said:

My preview copy arrived last week and despite an horrendous schedule, I ensured that I found time to devour the huge chunks of information and advice – it is in itself a remarkable piece of work and I simply cannot recommend it highly enough.

While anyone would feel good to read these types of words about thier work, it means even more and carries even more weight when it comes from someone as smart and respected as Jonathan.

 You can read the full post here.

The Best Leadership Blog of 2007!

July 8, 2007

As the voting for the Best Leadership Blog of 2007 comes to a close, some congratulations are in order.

Congratulations to Michael McKinney and his Leading Blog, as his blog, in a late surge in voting overtook Jonathan Farrington’s Leadership Turn to win the title of Best Leadership Blog for 2007.

Truly congratulations to all ten of the blogs included in this listing – as all are wonderful resources for those of us interested in thinking and learning more about all aspects of leadership.

Congrats also go to Chris Knight, the winner of the Remarkable Leadership Volume 1 CD Set – he was the lucky winner of the drawing among all voters.

Perhaps most of all, congrats to all of you who voted, because in reviewing one or more of these great sites, you have gained new ideas and perspectives that will help make you a more remarkable leader.

Click here for the complete list of sites, and the final results.