A Review of Remarkable Leadership

Jonathan Farrington has reviewed a galley copy of the book and said some very nice things.  Along with agreeing with Jack Canfield in the foreword (and including it in its entirety) he also said:

My preview copy arrived last week and despite an horrendous schedule, I ensured that I found time to devour the huge chunks of information and advice – it is in itself a remarkable piece of work and I simply cannot recommend it highly enough.

While anyone would feel good to read these types of words about thier work, it means even more and carries even more weight when it comes from someone as smart and respected as Jonathan.

 You can read the full post here.


2 Responses to “A Review of Remarkable Leadership”

  1. timmilburn Says:

    Hey Kevin:

    I just want to wish you the best with the release of your next book. I am eagerly anticipating it and can’t wait to dive in.

    If you have a release date, I’ll be happy to help you publicize the event over at studentlinc (www.studentlinc.net).


  2. remarkableleadership Says:

    Thanks Tim – I appreciate it and would love your help!

    Kevin 🙂

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