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Remarkable Accountability

August 30, 2007

I posted on my other blog today about Captain Denny Flanagan of United Airlines.  This pilot is a remarkable leader, regardless of his job title.  His actions are a shining example of how any of us can be remarkable and get remarkable results.

His secret?

Make a choice and take remarkable action.

Check out the post here.

A Big Interview

August 28, 2007

I had the good fortune to be interviewed by Matthew Kirdahy of last week.  That interview led to a story posted yesterday.

I hope you enjoy it!

Campaign Results

August 27, 2007

It’s time to share an update on how our book promotion went.  I say our, because  clearly didn’t do it alone (read here for some thoughts and thank yous).

As a result of the work of so many, here are some of the results from the online campaign for the book last week.

Remarkable Leadership ranked:

  • as high as #10 on Barnes and Noble
  • as high as #34 on the overall list.
  • in the top 100 on (Canada)

On Leadership Book lists . . .

  • #2 or #3 on the list for over 4 days and still in the top ten
  • top 5 on (Canada) for at least 6 hours (after we started checking)
  • top 10 on (United Kingdom)

Other lists . . .

  • top ten on Amazon Management book list for 4 days
  • #1 in New release Amazon Leadership and Managment list for over 3 days (still #2 on the Leadership New Release list)

I share this because I promised you I would, because I believe it is a good way to jump start the selling of the book, and because I am grateful.

Thanks to everyone involved in this process, especially those of you who bought books.

Wordless Wednesday

August 22, 2007

I am Remarkable! Wristbands

Yes you are!

A Bestseller Today!

August 22, 2007

That is our goal.  We have put a lot of planning and effort into this process.  We’ve put together a remarkable list of special tools and bonuses that people will receive when they purchase the book.

And we aren’t doing it alone. We have over 75 partners who have provided those bonuses, and will be announcing this book (many with their personal reviews) to their fans and readers.

About 25 blogs will also interview me, review, discuss,  annouce the book,  and/or the promotion this week.  (I’ll post links to  these soon).

Yesterday, I read some comments about our approach (they were forwarded to me I don’t know the person’s identity), that I decided to share here –

As a published author, I am sorry, but this does not mean anything about your book other than you gerry-rigged it to get extra hits on Amazon on a certain day. Put that on your cover “#1 bestseller at Amazon,” and people will know it isnt ‘a bestseller’… it’s a manipulation. My two cents worth? leadership is honest, not contrived.

That is a valid opinion, it just isn’t one I share.

I write to help people improve their lives and results.  If that is my goal, I believe it is my duty to make more people aware of the book so that this goal can be reached.  Is there some promotional value in being able to say that we unseated Harry Potter for the #1 spot on the online best seller lists (that’s our goal today)?  Of course.

But what good is my writing if the books sit on the shelf, or worse yet in some warehouse?

I am trying to make the world a more remarkable place – and this best seller promotion is a small part – not the end result – of my plan to reach that goal.

I’d love your help.  You can learn more about the book and the special offer here.