Remarkable Leadership is in Your Bookstore!

Ok, so it may not be in every bookstore, but it was in the two I went into last night, on the official publication date.  Here are pictures from the Border’s Store we visited.

Kevin Eikenberry at Borders        Remarkable Leadership on the Shelf at Borders in Indianapolis

(Yes, it was already faced out!)

As a side note it is really cool to be placed so close to my friend Steve Farber’s books – they are great books!

 I signed all the copies and the Border’s store has already asked me to do a signing, which we will be scheduling soon.

Actually, since the online booksellers had been shipping it for several days, I am sure it had been on these shelves for several days.  In fact, my good friend Phil Gerbyshak sent me this photo from a Barnes and Noble in his hometown of Milwaukee on Wednesday.

Remarkable Leadership on shelf in Milwaukee

(He faced the book for me – feel free to do that in any store you go into!)

While a number of books I’ve contributed to have been on bookstore shelves, my first book Vantagepoints isn’t on too many, but Remarkable Leadership is going to be everywhere.

I fully expect to see other books I write on future bookstore shelves, but I also expect to be just as excited as I was yesterday.

If you haven’t purchased your copy yet, please wait until Wednesday August 22nd – that is the day we are going to try to move to #1 on the online best seller lists.  More on that in the days to come.

Thanks Phil.  And if you send me a picture from your bookstore shelf, I’ll include that picture and link to you too!


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