Campaign Results

It’s time to share an update on how our book promotion went.  I say our, because  clearly didn’t do it alone (read here for some thoughts and thank yous).

As a result of the work of so many, here are some of the results from the online campaign for the book last week.

Remarkable Leadership ranked:

  • as high as #10 on Barnes and Noble
  • as high as #34 on the overall list.
  • in the top 100 on (Canada)

On Leadership Book lists . . .

  • #2 or #3 on the list for over 4 days and still in the top ten
  • top 5 on (Canada) for at least 6 hours (after we started checking)
  • top 10 on (United Kingdom)

Other lists . . .

  • top ten on Amazon Management book list for 4 days
  • #1 in New release Amazon Leadership and Managment list for over 3 days (still #2 on the Leadership New Release list)

I share this because I promised you I would, because I believe it is a good way to jump start the selling of the book, and because I am grateful.

Thanks to everyone involved in this process, especially those of you who bought books.

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