Is Building Trust Hard?

I receive Fast Company’s daily Fast Take email (I subscribe to the magazine as well).  In yesterday’s issue came this quotation:

“Trust is earned; and it is earned the hard way.”
 – John Baldoni, leadership consultant

My immediate reaction was – less than agreeable.  We all know what to do to earn trust, and so from that perspective it isn’t hard, but it might be considered difficult, or people would certainly work to do it more consistently.

 Then I read the full article for context.  I was pleased to find the article citing a study from Walker Research based here in Indianapolis that I had also read, but hadn’t posted about. 

Overall I agree with John’s points – first of all that trust really does matter in retention (and many other things), and I also agree with his specific suggestions.  I now understand his quotation better (which is almost always true when we get a quotation in context), but I still don’t completely agree.

 Trust is earned, and it is earned through our actions.  While it may be difficult, it isn’t hard – you already know what to do.  Remarkable leaders take those actions and build that trust.

 What do you think?


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