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Initiative and Remarkable Leadership

November 28, 2007

Initiative was the focus of the final podcast this month as I was the guest of Jim Canterucci on the Personal Brilliance Podcast.  In this this week’s podcast we discussed:

  • Now Steps
  • Being an initiator doesn’t mean we have to do the work
  • A bias for action
  • Customer service and infusing initiative
  • Empowerment is required for action orientation
  • Creating a clear line of sight to the organizational goal
  • Culture of initiative for everyone is an expectation

You can listen to this episode and get a link to the full interview here.

The Focus of a Remarkable Leadership

November 21, 2007

In the third installment of my month of podcasts with Jim Canterucci we focus on focus. Specifcally we discuss:

·         The paradox of Personal Brilliance focus

·         How being contrarian can lead to innovative leadership

·         How timing comes into play

·         The ability to shift from professional to personal to family

·         How reconnection can help maintain focus

·         Seamless balance

·         Elastic focus

·         How infatuation can block innovation

·         Perspective as a component of focus

·         Content vs. process focus

You can listen to this week’s installment here. You can listen there, download to your MP3 Player, or even listen to the full interview.

Nominated for Business Book Awards

November 18, 2007

business-book.jpgThe good folks at 800-CEO-READhave created a new set of book words specifically for business books.  I am honored that Remarkable Leadership has been nominated!

 The awards will be based on reader votes.  So, I’d be thankful and pleased if you were to vote for Remarkable Leadership as one of the best business books of 2007.

 To see the full list of nominated books and to vote for Remarkable Leadership (or any of the others), go here.

The Gray Wave and What it Means for Leadership Development

November 15, 2007

The Gray Wave

I talk more about the implications for leadership development and organizational success on my other blog.  Check it out here.

Curiosity, Remarkable Leadership, and You

November 12, 2007

This week the second part of my interview with Jim Canterucci has been released.  In this podcast we discuss:

·         The fundamental component of the learning process

·         Curiosity gives us the chance to learn

·         Attention and Filters

·         The Reticular Activating System of our brain

·         Curiosity is a choice

·         The impact of our assumptions

·         How to use curiosity to focus attention on what’s possible

·         The connection of the mosaic of the four catalysts of Personal Brilliance

·         Active listening – We already know how

·         Listening as a choice

·         Listening is selflessness

·         The most important question and it’s impact on leadership


I know I’m biased, but I believe this is a great interview and it discusses an extremely important topic.  I hope you will choose to listen in here.