Curiosity, Remarkable Leadership, and You

This week the second part of my interview with Jim Canterucci has been released.  In this podcast we discuss:

·         The fundamental component of the learning process

·         Curiosity gives us the chance to learn

·         Attention and Filters

·         The Reticular Activating System of our brain

·         Curiosity is a choice

·         The impact of our assumptions

·         How to use curiosity to focus attention on what’s possible

·         The connection of the mosaic of the four catalysts of Personal Brilliance

·         Active listening – We already know how

·         Listening as a choice

·         Listening is selflessness

·         The most important question and it’s impact on leadership


I know I’m biased, but I believe this is a great interview and it discusses an extremely important topic.  I hope you will choose to listen in here.

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