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Remarkable Leadership – Personal Brillance

November 5, 2007

My friend Jim Canterucci, author of Personal Brilliance asked me to be his guest on his podcast series – Personal Brilliance Up Close and Practical.  In fact, I’ll be his guest each week this month.  In this week’s episode we talked about Awareness – one of Jim’s keys to Personal Brilliance.  We discussed the following ideas:

  • The connection between leadership and helping others reach their potential
  • The two most common mistakes relating to potential
  • How leaders can create a frame for the organization to deal with strengths and weaknesses
  • The most difficult component of awareness – self awareness
  • The balance of evaluating ourselves and getting feedback for improvement
  • The source of understanding
  • How to increase our understanding of complexity
  • Taking learning outside the classroom

I believe this is one of the best interviews I’ve ever participated in – I hope you will listen to each of the next four weeks to each episode.

You can find it here.