The Role of Fun at Work

Last week I was interviewed by Sue Babson for a story that ran earlier this week in the Kansas City Star (you can read it here.)  I think it is a good story and one that makes some excellent points (and no, not just the stuff I said).

Actually, it was something else I said during the interview (that didn’t make the story) that I think is especially important – and admittedly a broader comment than just about meetings.

During my conversation with Sue I said that fun isn’t about frivolity – and I think that is the first reason people dismiss it at work.  The purpose of fun is to create engagement, not just entertainment.

If you have trouble connecting the importance of fun, be it in a meeting or the general working environment as being about frivolous entertainment, you are missing the boat!

Remarkable Leaders recognize that when we are enjoying ourselves (having fun), we are more engaged, active participants in our experiences.  They also know that this active, participative engagement is what organizations need and employees crave.

Your Remarkable Principle?

Use fun to help create active engagement on your team today.


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