Leadership Leverage

The Team Fulcrum

This drawing comes from a great post on Rajesh Setty’s Life Beyond Code Blog.

In this post he speaks of value of of moving the fulcrum.  As the fulcrum of the work moves to the right (towards the team) the team is lifted higher (compard to other teams – like Bob’s) as the project succeeds.    He asserts, correctly, that both the leader and the team members can work to move the fulcrum of the project towards the right.  Doing this has tremendous impact on the work and the results of the team.

 Additionally, as a leader helps move (or creates an environment where the team wants to move) the fulcrum towards the right, the following things happen:

  – the team succeeds more rapidly

 – the team finds more meaning in their work

 – the team gets credit for the results (they are lifted higher)

 – the work of the leader gets easier.

When we let go and let the team create and succeed, the work of a remarkable leader becomes easier and the output increases.

Archemedes said with a lever long enough and strong enough, he could move the world.  Leverage is that powerful – and when we move the fulcrum towards the team, leverage can be remarkable.

I’ll close with an adaptation of Raj’s question – which way are you moving the fulcrum?


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