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Remarkable Leadership and Sales

December 19, 2007

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An article I wrote earlier this year was named article of the week, and article of the month at Due to that fact,that same article, named The Power of Symbols is now in the running for Article of the Year.

You might wonder what a Leadership author is doing writing sales articles, if you are, I believe you are asking the wrong question.  The better question is what are the connections between leadership and sales.  there are certainly many, and from that perspective I hope having an article that is nominated for a best sales article award makes more sense.

Do yourself a favor and click on the graphic above or here to read 9 great articles that have been nominated. While some have a very “sales” focus, all provide great wisdom, whether about discipline, leadership, influence (and much more).  Once you visit, I hope you vote for the one that is most valuable to you.

While I hope you vote for me, you will be the real winner if you take the time to read these great articles.

An Interview Last Week

December 17, 2007

Last week I was the guest of Lorraine Cohen on her Powerfull Living radio show.  We discussed many of the competencies of Remarkable Leaders.  It is archived here.

The Role of Fun at Work

December 14, 2007

Last week I was interviewed by Sue Babson for a story that ran earlier this week in the Kansas City Star (you can read it here.)  I think it is a good story and one that makes some excellent points (and no, not just the stuff I said).

Actually, it was something else I said during the interview (that didn’t make the story) that I think is especially important – and admittedly a broader comment than just about meetings.

During my conversation with Sue I said that fun isn’t about frivolity – and I think that is the first reason people dismiss it at work.  The purpose of fun is to create engagement, not just entertainment.

If you have trouble connecting the importance of fun, be it in a meeting or the general working environment as being about frivolous entertainment, you are missing the boat!

Remarkable Leaders recognize that when we are enjoying ourselves (having fun), we are more engaged, active participants in our experiences.  They also know that this active, participative engagement is what organizations need and employees crave.

Your Remarkable Principle?

Use fun to help create active engagement on your team today.

Reflections on a Remarkable Event

December 8, 2007

Last week I attended an amazing learning event in Chicago.  It was called the Author Pow Wow sponsored by 800-CEO-Read.  You can read more of my experiences here.

But you can learn more than just from me – here are links to other people’s reflections and lessons learned:

. . . from Erika Anderson

 . . . an idea spawned from the event by Ben McConnell

 . . . from David Meerman Scott

. . . words and a picture (of course) from Dan Roam

 . . . creative writing from Rajesh Setty

. . .  and more from Rajesh

 . . . from Mike Kanazawa

 . . . from Barabra Cave Hendricks

 These are all that have been posted at the time of this post.  If you find more, please comment!

Why do I share all of this with you?

What is the lesson for us as Remarkable Leaders?

Reflection.  In order to gain the most learning from an experience we must reflect on it.  I have haven’t really shared all of my lessons and action steps on either of these posts – not all of those things are relevant to this forum – but rest assured that I have captured many ideas, connections and actions that I will take as a result of this event. 

 The other lesson comes from the reflections of others.  We can also learn from the lessons of others.  When we, as leaders, create a space, opportunity, and expectation of sharing learning across our teams, we are moving that much closer towards Remarkable.