Which Presidential Candidate Is the Best Leader?


U.S. Presidential Leadership

There are many criteria we can use to vote for a particular candidate.  I’m most interested in one of those criteria – which candidate, Barack Obama or John McCain, do you feel has the strongest leadership skills?

Please share your ideas by voting on our Presidential Leadership survey.  You will have the chance to compare each candidate on 12 leadership competencies from Remarkable Leadership.  Cast your vote, and request the results which we will share in a Special Report on October 16th, invite everyone else you know to vote as well!

I’ll be providing updates and additional information over the next few days.

One Response to “Which Presidential Candidate Is the Best Leader?”

  1. markwr Says:

    After reading the survey results the two catagories that are most important from a Presidential stand point were won by McCain.
    McCain / Obama
    Solves Problems & Makes Decisions 50.7% / 49.3%
    Takes Responsibility & Accountability 51.4% / 48.6%

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