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June 19, 2008

Best Leadership Blogs 2008
We are in search of the Best Leadersip Blogs!  Last year we hosted the first annual search, and we will be doing the same in the month of July.  Why do I tell you now? 

Because we want to know what you’re reading in the Leadership Blogosphere. Send an email to Abby by 6/23 and your nomination will be considered by our Blue Ribbon panel.


The Best Leadership Blog of 2007!

July 8, 2007

As the voting for the Best Leadership Blog of 2007 comes to a close, some congratulations are in order.

Congratulations to Michael McKinney and his Leading Blog, as his blog, in a late surge in voting overtook Jonathan Farrington’s Leadership Turn to win the title of Best Leadership Blog for 2007.

Truly congratulations to all ten of the blogs included in this listing – as all are wonderful resources for those of us interested in thinking and learning more about all aspects of leadership.

Congrats also go to Chris Knight, the winner of the Remarkable Leadership Volume 1 CD Set – he was the lucky winner of the drawing among all voters.

Perhaps most of all, congrats to all of you who voted, because in reviewing one or more of these great sites, you have gained new ideas and perspectives that will help make you a more remarkable leader.

Click here for the complete list of sites, and the final results.

Best Leadership Blog Update

July 2, 2007

Best Leadership Blogs logo

With just a couple of days to go (the poll closes at Midnight ET July 6th) on our search to determine the best leadership blog as of June/July 2007, the race is close.  The Top Three as of this moment are:

Leading Blog – Building Community Leaders by Michael McKinney
Leadership Turn by Jonathan Farrington

Slow Leadership by Carmine Coyote

…and the top two are neck and neck.

There has been some great conversation amongst some very smart bloggers, like Ken Flowers, Troy Worman and Phil Gerbyshak.  I’d encourage you to check out their posts (and the sites they’ve suggested could be added to the list) and the comments that have been generated.  Then either add your two cents to their posts, or come back here and share your thoughts.

Thanks to them and everyone who has voted so far. 

If you haven’t, what are you waiting for?

What is the Best Leadership Blog?

June 15, 2007

Best Leadership Blogs logo

As a leader, and a speaker and writer about leadership, I’ve asked myself that question in the past, and wondered what other people thought. So I took note of my personal list and had a member of my team (Thanks Erica!) scour the web for more to consider. After review and discussion, we landed on the following ten as our contenders, as of June 2007, for the Best Leadership Blog (in the galaxy?).

CEO Blog – Time Leadership by Jim Estill
Dispatches from the New World of Work by Tom Peters
Extreme Leadership by Steve Farber
Leading Blog – Building Community Leaders by Michael McKinney

Leadership Turn by Jonathan Farrington
Management Craft by Lisa Haneberg
Mick’s Leadership Blog by Mick Yates

Slow Leadership by Carmine Coyote
Talking Story by Rosa Say
Three Star Leadership Blog by Wally Bock

(And if you haven’t read my Leadership blog, you might want to check it out too – even though it’s not among those in the poll!)

If you are a reader of one ore more of these blogs, you might already know which one you want to vote for. If you aren’t familiar with these ten sites, what a better reason to visit them than to help determine the Best Leadership Blog of 2007 winner?If you investigate and vote, you will not only gain invaluable insights and ideas from reading these blogs, you will also be entered to win the Remarkable Leadership Volume 1 – CD Set! This set is valued at over $550 and includes a total of 6 tele-seminars with me, 6 interviews with other leadership experts and much more.

The winning blog will have bragging rights, an award logo to place on their blog, be granted the championship trophy (ok, there isn’t a trophy) and receive a package of gifts from us at The Kevin Eikenberry Group.

I hope you will vote and I hope you will check back here for updates on progress. The polls close on July 6th so vote today!