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Being the Remarkable Leader You Were Meant to Be

October 27, 2008

All of us can be leaders. You can be a (Remarkable) leader. I’ve said it, and written it, but I’m not the first (and I won’t be the last – Seth Godin talks about this idea extensively in his new book Tribes).

It doesn’t matter what I write, what Seth writes or what we believe. It only matters what you believe.

Are there people that you know that seem to have some leadership skills you don’t have? Of course. We all can look at others and envy or look up to them. But what is missing in this mis-placed jealousy, is that we are blind to the natural gifts that we bring to the table.

You have, in the unique bundle of DNA that makes you who you are, the potential to become a Remarkable leader. You job is to believe in that potential, recognize it when you find it, affirm it, and grow it.

Growing it can happen with a mentor, with coaching, from reading, from taking a workshop, and many other ways. But in the end, growing your unique leadership gifts comes from practice. Practice the right things with the right guidance, and you will become a great leader.

This doesn’t mean you will become like your leadership model; be that John F. Kennedy, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, or your father. You cannot be them, but just as importantly, they can’t be you.

If you buy my idea, do these two things right now (do them even if you don’t agree with me):

1. Look in the mirror today and begin to believe that you can be a highly effective leader.
2. Go watch this quick video by Gary Vaynerchuk as he talks about being you – it is well worth the 2:37 time investment.

After all, you are worth it.

Create Remarkable Resolutions!

December 31, 2007

26 Questions

Some will argue for New Year’s Resolutions, others against.  The one argument is that people are actually thinking about their future and considering making changes for the better.  The Glass-is-half-empters are citing a variety of statistics as to how few people make good on their resolutions.

I sit solidly in the first camp.  Even if not every resolution is kept, the process is valuable.  What I have done is created a tool to help people look at the past year to harvest the lessons and learning, and use that information to project a future filled with remarkable results.

This tool is designed around 26 questions – 13 to reflect on the past and 13 to project into the future.

I’ve made this tool available for free and am blogging some of my answers to these questions, one day at a time.   You can learn more about this project, by reading the first post from December 18th. I will begin with the projection questions starting tomorrow.

 All of this activity is important for us as individuals, but as leaders we can leverage from this as well.

You can take advantage of people’s tendency to make resolutions to get people thinking about the future, new actions and different results more easily during this time of year.  You can also use the questions with your team to help them both learn and plan more effectively – for the benefit of them as individuals and the organization collectively.

I am Remarkable! Wristbands

August 9, 2007

I am Remarkable! Wristbands

We purchased Livestrong – style wristbands in green with the lettering “I AM REMARKABLE!”  prior to exhibiting at the ASTD Conference in June.   The response we received then was outstanding.  Since then we have continued to give then out in a variety of situations.  Yesterday Lori (my wife) and I deliverd 2700 of these bands to Jireh Sports, an organization led by Tim Streett to reach and support the urban youth of Indianapolis through non-traditional sports (including boxing, gymnastics, wrestling and much more).

Jireh and some other partners will be giving out 2700 backpacks to inner-city kids on Saturday.  The annual Backpack Blast offers food, free haircuts, health screenings, backpacks and now I am Remarkable! wristbands. 

We hope that the message on the bands will help these kids believe in themselves, because belief is the first step towards us unleashing our potential.

 My family and organization are proud to have chosen Jireh Sports to be the beneficary of 10% of all profits we make from the Remarkable Leadership book.