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The Latest (overdue) News

August 9, 2007

When I came to make this post my heart sunk at how long it has been since I last posted here.  I will and I must become more diligent, because there is much to report!  Media is picking up in anticipation of the book’s release.  (the official date is August 17th, but the online stores are already shipping copies.  If you see a copy in a store, let me know right away – and I’ll send you a thank you!)

 In the past couple of weeks I’ve been interviewed for some future shows and appeared on The Podcast Radio Show on July 25th, had the book reviewed in the 8/5 Business Section of the Idaho Press-Tribune.

I’ve also been interviewed by Michael McKinney on his wonderful Leading Blog.  The interview was spread across three posts.  You can see them here, here and here.

 The book has been mentioned as a new business release for August in Leading Blog and the wonderfully thought provoking 800-CEO-Read Blog.

More news is coming soon.  Stay tuned.

A Review of Remarkable Leadership

July 11, 2007

Jonathan Farrington has reviewed a galley copy of the book and said some very nice things.  Along with agreeing with Jack Canfield in the foreword (and including it in its entirety) he also said:

My preview copy arrived last week and despite an horrendous schedule, I ensured that I found time to devour the huge chunks of information and advice – it is in itself a remarkable piece of work and I simply cannot recommend it highly enough.

While anyone would feel good to read these types of words about thier work, it means even more and carries even more weight when it comes from someone as smart and respected as Jonathan.

 You can read the full post here.